Thẻ IC

UnionPay IC card is the financial IC card in line with the enterprise standard (EMV standard). At the end of October 2016, the number of IC cards issued in China has reached 2 billion. 
China UnionPay has joined the EMVCo international organization to participate in the promotion of EMV technology standards in the global security interoperability and availability of payment applications, including the further optimization of the EMV standard and UICS standard compatibility.
In cooperation with China's domestic banks to accelerate the issuance of IC cards, UnionPay international is accelerating the network to promote the work of the chip migration, UnionPay IC card can be used on the world's vast majority of UnionPay accepted terminal.


QuickPass is a UnionPay contactless payment innovative product. Cardholder could pay with waving the QuickPass card in front of contactless payment terminal. Compared with magnetic stripe card or IC card, QuickPass is more convenient and fast, widely used in convenient stores, supermarkets, public transportation, restaurants, M-tickets etc. QuickPass could help cardholders to be free from complicated payment procedures, reduce cashier’s processing time, and improve checkout efficiency.

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