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In accordance with relevant requirements of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, an individual withdrawing cash overseas with domestic bank cards is allowed to withdraw a maximum of amount equivalent to RMB10,000 every day with each card, and is allowed to withdraw a maximum of amount equivalent to RMB100,000 in total every year for all bank cards (including supplementary cards) issued under them. In case that the yearly cap aforementioned is reached, no further cash withdrawal overseas is allowed any more in the current year and the next year.
For more information, please follow the related stipulations at "Help Center-Card-using Instructions- Overseas ATM Accept UnionPay Cards", or contact UnionPay International Customer Service hotline at 95516 (the Chinese mainland).
ATM locator is for reference only. Please follow the announcements issued by banks.
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  • Since magnetic stripe is necessary for inserting bank cards at most ATMs overseas, and this norm may not be changed in the short-term, we recommend that cardholders carry UnionPay magnetic stripe cards or UnionPay composite cards (with chip at the front and magnetic stripe at the back) when traveling abroad, so as to ensure convenient and smooth usage at ATMs and POS terminals.
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