Customize a UnionPay card product that tailors to your specific needs and enjoy abundant privileges that meet your diversified card-using demands.
  • Shinhan Simlpe Platinum# Card
    Shinhan Simlpe Platinum# Card is not only a representative platinum card product of Shinhan Card but also the first UnionPay platinum card in Korea.Cardholders can enjoy 1% cash back in all merchants in and outside Korea and extra 0.7% cashback discount upon spending in hypermarkets and on communications and public transport where “everyday spending” is accessible.
  • Lotte Diamond uberSKY Card
    Lotte Diamond uberSKY Card is not only the first UnionPay diamond card in Korea but also a representative air miles point card among other Lotte cards.Cardholders can receive one air miles point on every spending of KRW 1,000 and can redeem the point for miles with Korean Air.In the meantime, cardholders can also enjoy a variety of services provided by UnionPay diamond exclusive service platform in hotels, airlines, airports and golf courses in and outside Korea.
  • ShinhanCard UnionPay Cube Credit card
    With ShinhanCard UnionPay Cube Credit card, cardholders can enjoy a 5% off discount in any three of the following merchant types: communication, restaurants, discount stores, online merchants, department stores, traffic, gas stations, etc.
  • LotteCard UnionPay Point Plus Penta Credit Card
    Cardholders carrying LotteCard UnionPay Point Plus Penta Credit Card can enjoy double credits in merchants of Lotte Group and multiple times of credits in the designated merchants across cross-border and online shopping, traffic, dining, and more upon accumulative spending of a certain amount.
  • BC UnionPay China Pass Debit Card
    BC UnionPay China Pass Debit Card is the first UnionPay card issued in South Korea, which can not only get discounts in Korean merchants but also enjoy privileges in UnionPay special merchants around the world.
  • BC UnionPay China Pass Prepaid Card
    BC UnionPay China Pass Prepaid Card can be accepted not only in all Korean merchants but also in UnionPay global network.