UnionPay International accelerates Cloud QuickPass expansion overseas
180,000 POS terminals are now ready

UnionPay International is expanding Cloud QuickPass overseas in a rapid and accurate manner based on the analysis of Chinese tourists’ overseas spending. Nearly 180,000 POS terminals in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other markets have been enabled to accept QuickPass. Cardholders can use UnionPay IC cards with “QuickPass” logos and various products of Cloud QuickPass. In 2015, the overseas transaction volume of UnionPay QuickPass registered a year-on-year growth of 8 times, and it has been rising rapidly since the beginning of this year.

Enjoy Secure and Convenient Cloud QuickPass Overseas

At present, UnionPay is the only international card organization providing contactless mobile payment service for UnionPay domestic cardholders. As a new brand of UnionPay mobile payment, Cloud QuickPass can support not only offline contactless payment by mobile phones and other mobile devices, but also the remote online payment. The difference among HCE, Apple Pay, SamSung Pay, all family members of Cloud QuickPass, lies in that they support different mobile terminals and mobile operators to provide cardholders with convenience. In overseas markets, consumers can complete payment by applying mobile phone to POS terminals with “QuickPass” logos without internet. The entire payment process is simple, convenient and secure.

Compared with other mobile payment modes in the market, UnionPay Cloud QuickPass is more secure. By virtue of advanced emerging technologies, Cloud QuickPass is equipped with multiple safety guarantees such as dynamic keys and tokens. Real card numbers are not shown during payments and transaction information is kept within the network of issuing banks and UnionPay, which effectively protects cardholders’ privacy and information security.

Thanks to abundant application and security guarantee of UnionPay Cloud QuickPass, an increasing number of overseas merchants hope to offer the service with a view of satisfying customers’ demand for trendy and flexible payment experience. According to the store manager of a well-known cosmetic chain in Hong Kong, “the “QuickPass” upgrade of all of our POS terminals has been completed; more customers choose to “tap” UnionPay cards for payment and the queuing time during the peak period is reduced correspondingly. I’m sure that more customers will choose to “tap” mobile phones for payment”.

Unremittingly Increase of Acceptance Scale of Cloud QuickPass

According to Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International, “As a mobile payment business launched by UnionPay, together with commercial banks and major manufacturers of mobile phones worldwide by using the latest technology, Cloud QuickPass covers those mobile phone brands as Huawei, ZTE and Apple, and supports multiple payment channels. The advantages of UnionPay with respect to network and technology will be applied to accelerate the launch of Cloud QuickPass overseas, and to deliver secure and convenient cross-border payment experience to cardholders. It is also important for UnionPay to expand Cloud QuickPass on a global scale”.

Based on the analyses of outbound tourism of Chinese tourists and findings of banks and travel agencies, UnionPay International has enable Cloud QuickPass first in surrounding countries frequently visited by Chinese tourists, and paid special attention to merchants of daily consumption applicable for micro-payment. Australia is the overseas market with the largest number of Quickpass terminals. Since the launch of Quickpasss serive in last June, 30% of UnionPay enabled physical stores can accept QuickPass, including Myer, Captain Cook, chain pharmacies and other places frequently visited by tourists.

In addition, UnionPay QuickPass i most widely used global card brand for contactless payment in Macao, with 90% of merchants accepting contactless payment. The merchants include convenience stores, restaurants, parking lots, pharmacies, government services and public utilities charging. Besides, it is easy to use QuickPass in SOGO Hong Kong, 7-11, SaSa, Mannings, South Korean Doota shopping center, GS25 convenience stores and Watsons as well as quite a few merchants in Taiwan, including Kamalan bus, Taipei Leechi and KingStone Bookstore.

Currently, over two billion UnionPay IC cards have been issued accumulatively both at home and abroad, and the creative application based on IC cards is enriched. There are more than 7 million QuickPass terminals in China and UnionPay is accelerating application improvement and cashier training. In addition, UnionPay QuickPass cards based on smartphone s were issued last year in South Korea. Consumers can apply for UnionPay cards via mobile phones and complete payment by “tapping” mobile phones . So South Korea has become the first overseas market to enable mobile phone-based QuickPass.

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