Commercial Card

UnionPay International is committed to providing businesses with one-stop solutions

The UnionPay Commercial Card provides companies with a one-stop solution for their business expenses to reduce costs and improve management efficiency, while ensuring a comfortable business travel experience.

Whether it’s for a large or multinational company, or a small and medium-sized enterprise,
there is always a UnionPay Commercial Card to suit your needs.

  • Standard Commerical Card
  • Theme Commercial Card
  • UnionPay Business Card

    Targets owners of SMEs, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs to help them better manage their purchasing and travel spending in a convenient and secure way.

    UnionPay Corporate Card

    The ideal choice to improve expense management for large and multinational enterprises with detailed reporting and comprehensive VAT management.

    UnionPay Purchasing Card

    This card allows companies to control spending by their staff through limiting purchases to merchant MCC’s and spending limits for a more controlled and safer purchasing experience.

  • UnionPay Commercial Card

    The UnionPay Commercial Card tailors the whole process of business travel management for large or multinational companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. This includes providing the Commercial Card, an open data management platform, the integration of business travel expenditure and reimbursement data, and personalized settings for types of merchants where the card can be used and card limits. This customization allows for a safer payment experience and provides the right services for business support and management.

  • B&R Commercial Card

    In the footsteps of the Belt and Road initiative, UnionPay International tailors exclusive commercial cards for countries and regions along the Belt and Road. These tailored offers provide increase convenience for trade, business travel and procurement.

    B&R Commercial Card

    In addition to Standard Commercial Cards , cardholders can also enjoy the following services:

    - Premium level services such as medical assistance, emergency assistance, Limo services and VIP lounge; - Flexible airport services such as Fast Track services (3 times/ card/ year in Mainland China) and airport VIP lounge (global network, 3 times/ card/ year, ).
    China Airport Fast Track List