UnionPay cards can be smoothly used at 180 countries and regions worldwide.

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At present, more than 100 million overseas online merchants accept payment online UnionPay card, all over Hong Kong and Macao, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the south is nearly 200 countries and regions, covering retail, online travel booking, tuition payment, airline reservation etc..
Cup sea shopping platform "Shop The World", to create cross-border online shopping cross-border coverage of the whole process of B2C payment service platform, to provide goods, language translation, secure payment, UnionPay cardholders international transportation service. At the same time, cross-border B2B integrated payment services platform is also under construction, will be based on the four modes of cross-border electricity providers and traditional import and export enterprises to provide cross-border payment and settlement, customs clearance and other services of the open integrated payment services platform.
UnionPay online payment has the characteristics of convenient, and other characteristics, through multiple security technology and risk monitoring, to ensure the safety of cross-border online payment. Payment scenarios full coverage of personal computers, handheld PAD and mobile terminals, etc..