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UnionPay Mobile QuickPass

The UnionPay Mobile QuickPass supports NFC contactless payment, QR payment, and online payment on mobile devices such as cell phones. The easy-to-use product allows cardholders to pay online and in-store simply by holding their phones close to POS terminals and completing fingerprint or facial recognition, without unlocking the device or open any apps. The solution is now compatible with several OEM pay products and HCE products of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Apple, Samsung, and Meizu.

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UnionPay APP

The UnionPay App is a strategic mobile payment product developed by commercial banks, payment industry players, and China UnionPay for shared benefits. The App allows users to enjoy secure and easy payment services, by joining up banking resources with the extensive UnionPay network, supporting a broader range of use cases, and building more open and comprehensive service platforms.

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UnionPay QR Code Payment

The UnionPay QR code payment product facilitates inter-bank switching among the apps of UnionPay members. The interaction between EMV QR codes enables person-to-person, person-to-merchant and merchant-to-merchant payments and value-added applications. QR scanning involves two modes: merchant-presented and consumer-presented. In terms of use case development, UnionPay International has launched multiple solutions such as the fund collection code, payment code, cash withdrawal code, and transit code to match the diverse needs of merchants and increase the speed of network development.

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