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UnionPay Cross-Border B2B Payment & Service Platform offers comprehensive online payment service for import and export enterprises including global e-commerce, international and local trading enterprises. The platform provides safe, convenient, transparent and efficient of cross-border B2B payment solutions, helps enterprise customers to realize requirements including cross-border online payment, online collection, order management and others, and promotes trade between China and countries or regions around the world. 

The platform is suitable for a variety of B2B settlement scenarios: China's import and export trade, overseas local trade and cross-border trade between two countries; online trading scenarios including online marketplace, e-invoice platform and other online platforms, as well as traditional import and export enterprises and other scenarios; the goods trade and service trade including B2B funds settlement for airline tickets, hotels, tuition fees and other services.B2B Platform provides companies cross-border online payment, online collection, fund collection solution for domestic platforms, e-invoice management, account management and other value-added services.