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In Iraq, UnionPay cards are accepted at some ATMs for withdrawing US dollars.
  • Iraq—The birthplace of Mesopotamian civilization
    Iraq is located in southwestern Asia and northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. As the birthplace of Mesopotamian civilization and the old site of the Babylonian Kingdom, there are many sights to visit in Iraq, including magnificent waterfalls, year-round snow-covered mountains, and world-famous archeological sites. When exploring Iraq, remember to take your UnionPay card (card number starting with 62).
  • POS acceptance
  • Cash withdrawal
    In Iraq, UnionPay cards are accepted at some ATMs for withdrawing US dollars. There are the signage of on these ATMs or the ATM screen, and some ATMs provide the interface in Chinese.

    Please refer to the latest government policy on overseas cash withdrawal via UnionPay cards at "Help Center-Card-using Instructions-Refined Card-using Tips". Daily cash withdrawal limit from respective issuers and/or ATM may apply. Please consult your issuer on the possible cap on the amount. You may split your withdrawals into several times which comply with the limit(s).
  • Charges
    ATM commission fee consists of two separate fees: 
    (1) Service fee charged by the issuer: please consult your issuer for details.
    (2) Service fee charged by the ATM acquirer in Iraq: some ATMs will charge commission fee, which is charged by the local banks in Iraq and which has nothing to do with UnionPay or the issuer.

    Cash withdrawal via debit card results in a lower commission fee.
  • Tips
    Select PINs that cannot be easily guessed by anyone.
    Never disclose your PIN to anyone who claims to represent the bank or the police.
    Be alert to your surroundings before conducting any banking transactions.
    Keep a close eye on your credit card during transaction to avoid any illegal activities.
    If your UnionPay card has been stolen/lost, please inform the issuer immediately.