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In Turkey, UnionPay cards are accepted at over 4 million merchants and  50.000 ATMs.
  • Turkey – Cradle of Civilization
    Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is the only city stretching across Europe and Asia, and also a city born in conflicts and infusion. In addition, there has Cotton Swab Hot Spring, one of the world cultural heritages, Kapadokya, the hometown of fire balloon, and Fethiye, the paradise of glider. If you do not yearn for Turkey, the reason must be that your understanding of Turkey is limited. If you are not amazed at such madness, the reason must be that you haven’t seen Turkey personally. Why not take your UnionPay card(card number starting with 62) to return to the cradle of civilization?
  • POS acceptance
    With a wide acceptance network almost all merchants accept UnionPay cards, mainly located in major tourist cities and destinations, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Denizli and Konya, covering Duty Free shops, shopping malls, hotels, car rentals, jewellery and other merchants most frequently visited by tourists.
    When using co-branded cards, you are advised to choose UnionPay as the routing option to be benefited from the special offers and services provided by UnionPay.

    Note:Some UnionPay card acceptors or acquirers route co-branded cards  to corresponding card shcem according to the card BIN, which means co-branded cards transactions aren't routed to UnionPay without selection by cardholders and merchant cashiers. Please refer to the transaction results for the information about transaction routing.
  • Cash withdrawal
    In Turkey, over 50,000 ATMs accept UnionPay cards for withdrawing Turkish Lira. There is the signages of  on these ATMs or the ATM screen, and all these ATMs provide the interface in Chinese. UnionPay chip cards are accepted at ATMs of Garanti Bank, Is Bank, Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Denizbank,ING Bank, QNB Finansbank, Halkbank, Ziraat Bank, TEB Paribas, Albaraka Turk and Vakifbank.

    Please refer to the latest government policy on overseas cash withdrawal via UnionPay cards at "Help Center-Card-using Instructions-Refined Card-using Tips". Daily cash withdrawal limit from respective issuers and/or ATM may apply. Please consult your issuer on the possible cap on the amount. You may split your withdrawals into several times which comply with the limit(s).
  • Charges
    ATM commission fee consists of two separate fees: 
    (1) Service fee charged by the issuer: please consult your issuer for details.
    (2) Service fee charged by the ATM acquirer in Turkey: some ATMs will charge commission fee, which is charged by the local banks in Turkey and which has nothing to do with UnionPay or the issuer.

    Cash withdrawal via debit card results in a lower commission fee.
  • Tips
    Select PINs that cannot be easily guessed by anyone.
    Never disclose your PIN to anyone who claims to represent the bank or the police.
    Be alert to your surroundings before conducting any banking transactions.
    Keep a close eye on your credit card during transaction to avoid any illegal activities.
    If your UnionPay card has been stolen/lost, please inform the issuer immediately.
  • Introduction of Overseas Tax Refund
        UnionPay has launched the UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) overseas tax refund service in cooperation with Global Blue 、Premier Tax Free 、Tax Free Worldwide and GB Tax Free that are the world’s largest tax refund institutions. Such service covers 38 countries and regions.You can apply for tax refunds when shopping in oversea stores only if they are labeled the following logos of tax refund cooperative institutions.
    Global tax refund institutions:   
        If you are using the Premier tax refund service, you can check the Premier global refund points and tax refund progress on Premier Tax Refund Inquiry.

    For more information, please click
  • More considerate services offered by UnionPay Card
    UnionPay Card Emergency Cash Assistance Service
    UnionPay cardholders can call the hotline of the issuing bank or local UnionPay hotline to apply for an emergency cash assistance capped at the equivalent of USD 5,000 if they are experiencing emergencies like lost or malfunctioning cards.

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