UnionPay Mobile QuickPass

Pay without opening the APP

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The UnionPay Mobile QuickPass supports NFC contactless payment, QR payment, and online payment on mobile devices such as cell phones. The easy-to-use product allows cardholders to pay online and in-store simply by holding their phones close to POS terminals and completing fingerprint or facial recognition, without unlocking the device or open any apps. The solution is now compatible with several OEM pay products and HCE products of Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Apple, Samsung, and Meizu.

Five Product Features

Simple, Safe, and Leading the Way on Mobile Payments

  • Easy Enrolment Wide Compatibility

    Enabled in one go via a unified portal Multiple products supported: OEM pay, HCE, and wearables

  • Secure and Reliable Risk Controllable

    Comply with financial industry security standards Effectively protection of financial transaction and user privacy

  • EMV-Compliant Globally Accepted

    Supported by EMV-compliant security chips Tap-and-go payments available globally

  • Easy Payment An Array of Use Cases

    Make payments online or in-store Accepted in multiple sectors Easy tap-and-go payment

  • Diverse Marketing ChannelsVaried Forms

    Support random discounts Support threshold discounts and traditional discounts Diverse marketing modes

How to Pay with UnionPay Mobile QuickPass

Full support for one step faster

01UnionPay Mobile

Support contact-free payments on portable devices

02Wearable Payment

Support contact-free payments on portable devices

03NFC and QRC All
in One

Support contact-free payments on portable devices


NFC and QRC All in One

Enjoy two kinds of payment at one time

The newly upgraded UnionPay Mobile QuickPass integrates a variety of payment methods including QR payments and tap-and-go payments. Consumers can pay online or in-store across use cases globally just with their mobile phones. For in-store purchases, the customer only needs to double click the power button to pay. No internet connection or any app is needed.

The UnionPay payment product integrating NFC and QRC was widely accepted in the pilot programs already launched in Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, and Macao. This product upgrade will further enrich payment options for consumers and drive UnionPay to explore innovative cooperation models with the international industry players.

For users:

Both bank cards and payment QR codes can be readily available with fingerprint recognition or a click of button, for either contact-free payments or customer-presented QR payments.

For merchants:

No training is needed for merchants supporting customer-presented QR payments, as they can complete NFC & QRC All in One directly using existing processes.

Acceptance of the Mobile QuickPass

The Mobile QuickPass users who have added UnionPay cards can easily make tap-and-go payments or QR payments, as nearly 9 million contactless terminals in 84 markets outside of the Chinese mainland accept the UnionPay Mobile QuickPass and more than 1.5 million terminals in 44 markets support UnionPay QR payment. For merchants supporting online payment with the UnionPay Mobile QuickPass, users can also directly pay on the merchant app.

A List of Overseas Merchants for Mobile QuickPass
Octopus (Hong Kong)
Aomi (Macao)
EASI (Australia)
Suica (Japan)
PASMO (Japan)
All overseas physical merchants that accept UnionPay contactless cards

Overseas OEM Pay

Local cardholders in Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Tajikistan, New Zealand, Russia, and Pakistan can make tap-and-go payments after adding their UnionPay cards to mobile phones.

Huawei PayApple Pay

The cooperation between UPI and Huawei on mobile payment outside the Chinese mainland started in early 2018, and has now enabled Huawei Pay to be accepted at seven markets including Russia, Hong Kong, Macao, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Huawei Pay is the first mobile pay product outside China’s mainland that integrates NFC payment, QR payment, in-app payment, and UnionPay online QR code.

  • Compatible with all Huawei phone models, with NFC or eSE or not.
  • Support NFC & QRC All in One to trigger both NFC card and QR code payment interface.
  • Support one-click push to add cards to Huawei devices via your mobile banking app.
  • Support online payment to pay directly on the merchant app.

UPI and Apple have launched Apple Pay services for local UnionPay cardholders in Hong Kong and Macao since 2017. Now Apple Pay supports UnionPay cards issued by 12 banks, covering major card issuers in the region.

  • Compatible with all iPhone models with SE chips.
  • Compatible with the Apple Watch.
  • Support one-click push to add cards to Apple devices via your mobile banking app.
  • Support online payment to pay directly in the merchant app.