The UnionPay mobile application is the unified mobile payment portal of China's banking industry launched by UnionPay together with commercial banks and payment service providers in China. The app offers one-stop mobile payment services to its users. So far, users of the UnionPay app can enjoy safe and convenient mobile payment services in 48 countries and regions. UnionPay QR code payment is accepted at over 16 million merchants in mainland China, and is available in 31 countries and regions outside mainland China. The app users can also make tap&go payments at over 2.8 million POS terminals in 37 countries and regions.

  • UnionPay mobile QuickPass

    It incorporates both offline contactless and online in-app payment with mobile devices, including mobile payment solutions offered by iPhones, Huawei, Samsung, MI, Meizu, Smartisan, as well as HCE mobile payment solutions.

  • UnionPay QR Code

    UnionPay QR code payment offers P2P, P2B and B2B funds receiving and paying as well as value-added services via QR code. It mainly provides solutions for spending, transferring and cash withdrawal, and has two modes: the Push Mode (customer uses their mobile App to scan the QR code presented by the merchant to initiate the payment) and the Pull Mode (Merchants use QR code reader to scan the QR code in customer’s App to initiate the payment).

  • Wearable Payment Products

    Wearable payment products are launched by UnionPay based on the Internet of Things and TSM technology. When operating via mobile applications, the mobile phone connects with wearables via Bluetooth communication, and connects with UnionPay TSM through Wifi or mobile operator network. In this way, virtual UnionPay cards are downloaded into the security chip of wearables. The payment solution adopts Tokenization.

UnionPay mobile payment services accepted outside mainland China.

After downloading the “UnionPay” app, cardholders can conveniently activate UnionPay mobile QuickPass function and then pay at over 2.8 million POS terminals in 37 countries and regions outside mainland China, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Russia. In addition, users can also pay by scanning UnionPay QR code in 31 countries and regions outside mainland China.

List of Recommended Merchants
Countries and Regions Merchant Name
Hong Kong, China Selected merchants
Macau, China Selected merchants
Taiwan, China KingStone Bookstore, Kamalan Bus Inc., Taipei Leechi, PChome,, scenic spots as Peng-hu, Taipei 101, Bellavita, SOGO, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, RT-Mart, B&Q, Cosmos, Watsons, Breeze Center
South Korea Doota, GS25, Watsons, GongCha, Oak Valley
Japan Matsuya Ginza※、Kintetsu Department store、Haneda International Airport※、LAOX※、JTC、Embassy of the People's republic of China in Japan、LOFT、Himeji Castle、Kansai International Airport、Tokyu plaza Ginza(※Only for designated merchants)
Singapore BreadTalk, Lady M, Itacho Sushi
Australia Myer, Harvey Norman, Coach, UGG, MUJI, HUGO BOSS, Pandora, Uniqlo, Zoos, KFC, Dream World, Wild Life, Sea World, Movie World, Hermes, Gucci, Jurlique, Aesop, Ikea Australia, Freedom, French Collection, T2, Michael Hills Jewellers, Prouds
Russia Azbuka Vkusa, Perekrestok, M.Video, Rive Gauche, Sportmaster, Pyaterochka, IKEA, TSUM more than 200,000 merchants

The aforesaid merchants are provided by partners of UnionPay International, and the actual use situation may vary. Please see whether the merchants display the identification for UnionPay acceptance.

UnionPay mobile payment services available to customers outside mainland China.

To date, the UnionPay app is launched in Hong Kong and Macau. Local customers can download the app and bind locally-issued UnionPay cards. Then, they can make QR code payment in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China and many other destinations worldwide. They can also make in-app payment via the app. This service will support UnionPay credit, debit and prepaid cards issued by most of the issuers in Hong Kong and Macau progressively.

In addition, UnionPay mobile QuickPass products are launched in Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Russia. Local UnionPay cardholders are able to bind locally-issued UnionPay cards with their mobile phones and then conveniently pay by tapping mobile phone at about 19 million POS terminals globally.

In Hong Kong, cardholders can use UnionPay mobile QuickPass by binding mobile phone with UnionPay double-currency credit cards and UnionPay debit cards issued by BOC Hong Kong, UnionPay debit cards issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), UnionPay credit cards issued by Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong), HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, PrimeCredit Limited, and ICBC Asia, as well as UnionPay prepaid cards issued by HKT. At present, UnionPay is the only card brand providing debit cardholders with mobile payment solutions in Hong Kong.

UnionPay HCE mobile QuickPass products issued in Macau is the first mobile credit card product launched locally. Cardholders of UnionPay cards issued by ICBC Macau can use the secure and convenient payment services by means of UnionPay mobile QuickPass. UnionPay is also the first card brand providing the service of Apple Pay in Macau; cardholders with UnionPay credit cards issued by ICBC Macau and UnionPay credit and debit cards issued by BNU.

Customers in South Korea can bind their UnionPay cards issued by BCcard and its member banks with Android mobile phone with NFC function (Android 4.4.2 and above) via the official website and APP of BCcard Company.

UnionPay mobile QuickPass Huawei Pay has been launched in Russia. Local users of Huawei and Honor mobile phones in Russia are able to bind UnionPay cards issued by Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank to experience safe and convenient UnionPay mobile payment service.

In the future, UnionPay mobile QuickPass products will be launched in more markets to deliver more secure and convenient payment options to global UnionPay cardholders.

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