Talent Philosophy
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1. A fast-growing career with exciting returns
Our vision is to build “a global network and an international brand”, enable “UnionPay”and UnionPay cards to influence people’s lifestyle more profoundly, create values for more individuals and institutions, and provide people from around the world with high-quality, efficient and safe cross-border payment services in their life and travel business activities.
We look forward to your participation with the utmost enthusiasm, and the success of UnionPay International cannot be achieved without the wisdom, passion and hardworking of every staff member; meanwhile, it will also bring its staff exciting returns. UnionPay International not only provides competitive salary and flexible working environment, but also attaches great importance to the development of each employee. As a fast growing company, we will provide endless opportunities for your career development.
2. A paradise for innovators and international talents
We’re in urgent need of talents and are looking for peers who do not follow traditions blindly, who are ready to seek new ideas and methods, and who view things from different perspectives.
We advocate cross-cultural communication in an inclusive attitude, and show adequate recognition of and respect for the cultures different countries and regions.
If you’re innovative and subscribe to our internationalized concept, here is an ideal place for you to bring your talents into full play.
3. Transparency and open communication
Transparency and open communication is what UnionPay International stays committed to. Your suggestions, big or small, will be carefully listened to and reasonably adopted; your doubts, whatever for, will be timely taken care of and patiently answered. We’re devoted to build a transparent and open cultural environment and your opinions and ideas will be treated with utmost respect.