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EasyPark broadens customer offer in new partnership with UnionPay International

EasyPark introduces a global partnership with UnionPay International card network, the world’s largest cardholder base. UnionPay cardholders can now manage their parking and electric car charging by binding their UnionPay card directly in the EasyPark app. 
EasyPark now announces UnionPay International as the most recent payment partner to be added to the EasyPark app. The partnership between EasyPark Group and UnionPay is valid in the majority of the European countries and regions where EasyPark operates. There are also plans to extend the cooperation between the card network and EasyPark Group to the UK, Australia and the US. 
- We are constantly working to increase the usefulness of our services. In addition to developing more features, the range of payment methods is an important part of this. Our aim is to make all aspects of parking and mobility easier for our users, which makes UnionPay, one of the world's most widely used payment card networks, an obvious partner, says Cameron Clayton, CEO of EasyPark Group.      
- By establishing this strategic partnership with EasyPark, UnionPay cardholders can access the most advanced car parking and charging service in many European countries and regions, which significantly improves acceptance in this key transportation sector, says Han Wang, Deputy Manager of UnionPay International European branch.

The EasyPark app allows drivers to manage their parking, charge their electric vehicle and make use of smart features in the app such as Find, an AI solution that reduces the time to find a parking space by up to 50 percent.

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