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    UnionPay Launches the Largest Exclusive Discount Program for Macao Purchases as the City Reopens to Tourists

    UnionPay International (UPI) announced today that it would provide the largest UnionPay-exclusive offers on a scale the city has never seen before. The campaign is materialized through the cooperation with the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), over 10,000 local merchants, and 14 banks, several airlines and travel agencies in the mainland. Covering various sectors including food and drinks, accommodation, transit, travel, shopping, and entertainment, the campaign will significantly help merchants acquire customers and benefit visitors to Macao.

    After Guangdong first resumed tourist visas to the city, visa applications from other provinces and cities are accepted since September 23. That means that tourists from Mainland China can travel to Macao, both individually or in groups, during the upcoming National Day holiday without quarantines. The Macao Economic Bureau encourages local small and medium-sized businesses to adopt contactless and digital payment methods to avoid physical contacts, and help the city’s tourism recover.

    UnionPay has enabled full card acceptance in Macao, and close to 20,000 merchants support UnionPay mobile payment. Mainland tourists may complete health checks at the border control points swiftly by presenting the Macao Health Code which can be obtained on the UnionPay App. On top of this, UnionPay cardholders are eligible for the following exclusive offers:

    Cash rebates for each spending with extra perks offered by major banks

    Mainland Chinese visitors with UnionPay cross-border cash rebate cards can enjoy 1% cash rebates for each purchase. While shopping overseas, they can earn additional cash back and other rewards offered by banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank.
    Gift coupons by travel agencies and mileage rewards by airlines to stimulate local purchases

    Air China and Juneyao Air mileages are rewarded exclusively for UnionPay purchases in Macao. Several travel agencies, including GZL and China International Travel Service Shenzhen, offer threshold discounts to each purchase on the UnionPay App, and also give away coupons to cardholders whose accumulative purchases exceed certain amounts.

    U·plan upgraded to cover shopping malls, and watch stores, jewelers and cosmetic retailers

    At the most popular shopping malls, watch stores, jewelers and cosmetic retailers in the city, such as Sasa, Colourmix, MORIMOR, Veeko, Wanko, ISA, Lukfook Jewellery and Unique Timepieces, visitors can enjoy threshold discounts or other offers for paying with UnionPay cards and u·plan coupons. UnionPay cardholders can easily get the coupons at designated merchants by following the WeChat official account of UnionPay International. Then they only need to click on the “u·plan” button at the bottom, and select “Collect Coupons”.

    Widely accepted UnionPay mobile payment services with benefits at retailers, small or large

    At KOI tea, Kuokkei, Padaria da Guia, Farmácia Healthy Life, Farmácia Popular and other local specialty shops in Macao, threshold discounts are offered for purchases paid with UnionPay QR codes. At New Yaohan, customers paying with mobile QuickPass or the UnionPay QR codes are given coupons for meeting the spending threshold.

    To make tourism information more accessible for visitors, the MGTO has carried out a series of roadshows. For instance, UPI has sponsored the Macao Food Festival starting on September 19 in Beijing and distributed the UnionPay App red envelopes for Macao purchases. During the Macao Week in Beijing from September 26 to 29, UPI will provide customers with targeted Macao discount information. Besides, at 18:00 on September 25, UPI and the MGTO held a special live-streaming event “Enjoy Macao Your Way” on Meituan Dianping, an app that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses. UnionPay cardholders could add the event to their watch list in advance once they followed UnionPay International on the app. Extra coupons at popular Macao merchants were given away during the event.

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