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UnionPay QR code payment service to be available to tourists visiting Turkey

Shao Fujun, Chairman of China UnionPay (4th right) and Aysenur Hickiran, Executive Vice President of DenizBank (5th right),attended this signing ceremony

UnionPay International announced today that it has cooperated with DenizBank in Turkey to open the UnionPay QR code payment service for the first time in this region. UnionPay QR code payment service will be available in 35,000 merchants in Turkey within this year. Shao Fujun, Chairman of China UnionPay, and Aysenur Hickiran, Executive Vice President of DenizBank, attended this signing ceremony.

Currently, UnionPay cardholders can enjoy UnionPay mobile payment services, including UnionPay mobile QuickPass and QR code payment solutions, in 47 countries and regions. Among them, UnionPay QR code payment service is available in more than 200,000 merchants in 29 countries and regions outside mainland China. After this cooperation, a large amount of merchants in the sphere of tourism, retail, restaurants will accept UnionPay QR code payment service, whose cross-border usage scenarios will be furtherly enriched. 

Shao Fujun said, in answer to the rapid growth of domestic users of UnionPay App, UnionPay actively expands the acceptance scope of its mobile payment service in oversea to meet cardholders’ demands in cross-border mobile payments. Next, UnionPay will also actively promote the cooperation with Turkish institutions in the e-wallet basing on UnionPay cards to provide local residents with safe and convenient UnionPay mobile payment services. In addition, UnionPay will accelerate its localization business in Turkey through innovative business.

Aysenur Hickiran said, DenizBank is one of the first banks to accept UnionPay cards at all DenizBank’s merchants and ATMs. UnionPay transaction volumes have been significantly increasing over the last year. The acceptance of UnionPay QR code service will also furtherly benefit tourists and local businesses. We plan to cooperate with UnionPay to issue cards to offer diversified payment options for Turkish residents.

In the Middle East, UnionPay cards have been available in 11 countries and regions. More than 80% of ATMs and almost 90% of merchants in Turkey accept UnionPay cards. As the local state-owned bank VakifBank enables all its merchants and ATMs to accept UnionPay cards successively, the acceptance coverage rate will rise to almost 100% in Turkey. Besides, UnionPay cards have been issued in countries such as Pakistan, UAE and Jordan. The mobile payment experience of UnionPay cardholders in this region is also continuously optimized. In UAE and Pakistan, a large number of merchants accept UnionPay QR code. Tens of thousands of merchants in UAE accept UnionPay mobile QuickPass as well. 

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