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Over 90% of POS terminals in Cambodia accept UnionPay cards

On Apr. 5, UnionPay International announced its cooperation with Cambodian Public Bank in enabling all the Bank’s POS terminals and ATMs to accept UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62). Thus far, it is available for consumers to complete purchasing via UnionPay cards in over 95% of POS terminals in Cambodia.

In recent years, Cambodia has become a favored destination to an increasing number of Chinese tourists, and China has become its second largest tourist source country. Last year, Cambodia received 4.8 million international tourists, among which 800,000 came from China. This January, Cambodia officially unveiled its strategy to attract Chinese tourists from the year 2016 to 2020 and a white paper entitled China Ready, aiming to attract roughly 2 million Chinese tourists by 2020. In this context, all of the local industries are endeavoring to improve the countries’ tourism infrastructure, with a view to deliver convenience to Chinese tourists in particular. To the local merchants, the ability to accept UnionPay cards is an important means to attract more consumers.

As one of the leading local commercial banks, the Cambodian Public Bank has 28 branches in the country. Through this cooperation with the Bank, UnionPay International is able to substantially expand its acceptance footprint in the market. Well-known restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and brand stores such as Sokha Hotels, Aeon Mall and Almond Hotel and Restaurant all accept UnionPay cards.

Currently, UnionPay cards can be used conveniently in 157 countries and regions worldwide, including all the ASEAN countries, where UnionPay cards have also been issued. In Cambodia, 80% of ATMs accept UnionPay cards for cash withdrawal, and four local banks have issued various UnionPay card products, including co-branded debit cards, credit cards and premium cards. These products deliver secure, convenient and preferential payment service of UnionPay to more local residents.

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