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Four major department stores in Taiwan launch special offers for UnionPay QuickPass

Renowned chain restaurants in the Chinese Mainland have just started providing special offers for UnionPay QuickPass, similar QuickPass preferential offers are also launched in Taiwan. As the peak of outbound tourism is approaching at the turn of 2015, UnionPay International joins hands with four major department stores (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taipei 101 Mall, Bellavita, Hankyu) in Xinyi Commercial District in launching the exclusive privileges for UnionPay cardholders (card number starting with 62). In addition, UnionPay cardholders visiting Taiwan now can receive one souvenir travel pass for independent travel in Kaohsiung. And the card-using experiences in Taiwan keep enriching.

The Xinyi Commercial District is the world’s densest commercial district, with many department stores. It is also the place most visited by tourists to Taiwan. Now, UnionPay International cooperates with the four most representative department stores in Xinyi Commercial District. From today to Feb. 29, 2016, UnionPay cardholders can receive a cash coupon or voucher worth 50 NT Dollars upon paying at least 200 NT Dollars via one UnionPay QuickPass card in the food courts of the four department stores.

Since the beginning of this year, the merchants accepting UnionPay QuickPass in Taiwan have increased rapidly, meeting UnionPay cardholders’ demands for a flexible and innovative payment experience. Nowadays, the POS terminals, including those in “Jin-Ma-Peng” regions, are able to deliver UnionPay QuickPass service, covering featured snack bars and restaurants, souvenir shops, chain bookstores and other places applicable for small-sum-payment. UnionPay cardholders can make payments by a simple tap of their cards at those merchants. Paying less than 3,000 NT Dollars with UnionPay debit cards, cardholders do not need to sign their names, and when paying less than 3,000 NT Dollars with UnionPay credit cards, no signature or PIN is needed.

Besides the exclusive offers for UnionPay QuickPass, UnionPay cardholders visiting Taiwan are able to enjoy more privileges. In 2015, upon showing their UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62) and passport/Taiwan Entry Permit, UnionPay cardholders can receive one souvenir travel pass for independent travel in Kaohsiung and one tourist map of Kaohsiung, at the service counter of R4 Kaohsiung International Airport, the tour desk of R16 Zuoying Station, or the service counter of O4 City Council Station. By recharging the souvenir travel pass, tourists can not only take the RTC, light rail, passenger transport, TRA, bus and ferry conveniently, but also make payments by at the four major supermarkets and department stores across Taiwan. It is the third year that UnionPay International cooperates with Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, and such cooperation is especially welcomed by the independent tourists to Taiwan.

According to statistics from Taiwan, tourists visiting Taiwan reached 8.47 million in the first 10 months of this year, and are expected to exceed 10 million by the end of this year. Correspondingly, UnionPay card-using experiences in Taiwan keep enriching. Now, almost all ATMs and over 70% merchants in Taiwan accept UnionPay cards, covering department stores, restaurants and tourist spots. UnionPay cards can be used not only on THSR, TRA and taxies, but also at mPOS terminals in Taipei night markets.
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