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The first local bank in Malaysia issues UnionPay cards

UnionPay International announced its cooperation with Public Bank Berhad in Malaysia in issuing UnionPay debit cards (card number starting with 62). The bank is the first local bank in Malaysia that has issued UnionPay cards. The card is particularly designed for the Malaysian residents who frequently travel in Asia, and it can be used in the UnionPay network across 160 countries and regions.

Public Bank Berhad is the third largest commercial bank in Malaysia. It has enabled all of its merchants to accept UnionPay cards in 2007. Its cooperation with UnionPay International this time not only provides a new payment option for the local residents, but will also promote more local institutions to issue UnionPay cards.

Xiang Fu, a businessman of Chinese heritage in Malaysia, is one of the first that have applied for the new card. He said, “With this card, I can have the access to Plaza Premium Lounge Malaysia that will make traveling more comfortable and satisfying. Meanwhile, the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching offer VIP counters for UnionPay cardholders, Malaysians may expedite the submission and processing of Visa application by presenting their UnionPay cards. I will recommend my friends to apply for the card.”

Now, 90% of ATMs and 80% of merchants in Malaysia accept UnionPay cards, and Bank of China and ICBC have issued multiple UnionPay card products in Malaysia. More and more local residents prefer to use UnionPay cards in their daily life and international travels. In 2016, over half of the transaction with Malaysia-issued UnionPay cards happened locally, and Malaysia-issued UnionPay cards are also frequently used in mainland China, Singapore and Thailand. In the future, UnionPay International will launch mobile QuickPass and other innovative payment services in Malaysia to meet the local customers diverse payment demands.

UnionPay cards are accepted and issued in all the ten ASEAN nations, and UnionPay is accelerating its localization in Southeast Asia. In Singapore and Thailand, almost all the ATMs accept UnionPay cards for cash withdrawal, and UnionPay’s merchant coverage in these two countries is over 80% and 90% respectively. In the Philippines and Vietnam, UnionPay’s ATM acceptance coverage is over 90%, and over 90% of merchants in Vietnam accept UnionPay. Meanwhile, an increasing number of local residents in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand prefer to use UnionPay cards.

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