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Currently, UnionPay cards can be accepted at ATMs and merchants in overseas markets as usual. Cardholders are able to use UnionPay cards in more than 160 countries and regions.

1. In regards of the online information that “UnionPay cards will no longer be able to used for any purchase or investment on properties from 1st June”.

In line with the merchant management rules in UnionPay Operation Regulations, it is always prohibited to use UnionPay cards issued in mainland China for cross-border investment related transactions, including purchase of properties.

2.In regards of the online information that “Fallback transactions with UnionPay cards will be declined outside mainland China”.

Complying with the trend of chip migration in the payment industry, fallback transactions with UnionPay chip and magnetic stripe composite cards will be declined from 1st May, 2017 in mainland China. To align with the arrangement, UnionPay card fallback transactions will also be declined at ATMs and merchants in Hong Kong and Macau, China from 1st May, 2017. All transactions with UnionPay composite cards will be transacted solely with chips in Hong Kong and Macau, China. Given the UnionPay chip migration on both ATM and POS in Hong Kong and Macau has been completed now, cardholders’ experiences remain unchanged. Meanwhile, UnionPay magnetic-stripe cards can be accepted in Hong Kong and Macau as usual.

In case of UnionPay chip card transaction failure, please

Check if the card has been inserted correctly, 

Contact the issuing bank for card replacement due to possible chip damage.