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UnionPay International Website Usage Terms

UnionPay International website and relevant webpage (hereinafter referred to as “This Website”) are provided by UnionPay International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “UnionPay International”). Users (hereinafter referred to as “You”) should carefully read the “UnionPay International Website Usage Terms” (hereinafter referred to as the “Usage Terms”) before using This Website. Your use of This Website means that you have read, are aware of, and accepted all contents of the Usage Terms without reservation, and you undertake to abide by all contents of the Usage Terms and agree to be bond thereby; if you do not agree with all or part of the Usage Terms, you are not entitled to use This Website.

UnionPay International may update This Website and modify the Usage Terms at any time without prior notice.

I. Intellectual Property

1. Except otherwise specified, the copyright of the structure, webpage design, words, images and other information of This Website shall be owned by UnionPay International or its parent company China UnionPay Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China UnionPay”), and shall not be reproduced or mirrored on servers not owned by UnionPay International Website or otherwise used for illegal purposes by any other persons or parties.

2. You undertake that for the software or files whose copyright belongs to UnionPay International or China UnionPay and which are provided by This Website for users to download and use, You will only download or use them in the way as permitted by This Website; without the prior written permission of UnionPay International, you shall not reproduce or use them for other business purposes beyond the aforesaid allowed range.

3. The copyright of the contents and images designed, compiled and produced by This Website belongs to UnionPay International. Any reproduction or otherwise use of the aforesaid contents and images is subject to the acquisition of UnionPay International’s prior written permit and the marking of signs indicating that the source and copyright of such contents and images belong to UnionPay International.

4. “银联”, “银联国际”, “UnionPay”, “UnionPay International”, “red-green-blue icon”, and any other words, images and other visible marks used to identify China UnionPay, UnionPay International and relevant business (hereinafter referred to as “UnionPay Logos”) are business logos owned by China UnionPay and UnionPay International. China UnionPay and UnionPay International are entitled to the intellectual property of UnionPay Logos, which is protected by law. Without the prior written permission of UnionPay International, UnionPay Logos shall not be altered, reproduced or otherwise used by any other person.

II. Reproduction Statement

Some contents of This Website are provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, and the copyright of such contents shall be owned by those providers. The contents quoted, extracted or downloaded by This Website from third parties are only used for exchanges or reference, and viewpoints or information contained therein shall be irrelevant with UnionPay International.

III. Link Policy

1. Linking This Website to other websites (hereinafter referred to as “Other Websites”):

This Website will provide links to other websites on the international internet for the mere purpose of helping you to collect relevant information and improve convenience for you to use Internet. Linking to Other Websites does not mean UnionPay International agrees, recommends, recognizes, guarantees or introduces any service and product provided on these websites, nor deem that UnionPay International has any form of cooperation with the owners and operators of these websites.

For the purpose of your convenience only, This Website may provide links for you to download and use all software or files whose copyright is not owned by UnionPay International. UnionPay International is not responsible for the legitimacy, authenticity and usage consequences of the said software or files, and You should abide by the Usage Terms as provided for by the owners of copyright of such software or files, failing which you should be responsible for the relevant consequences arising from your infringement of the copyright of the software copyright owners.

2. Linking to This Website from Other Websites

If You want to establish links to This Website in any form on a third-party website, You should obtain the prior written consent of UnionPay International, but such consent shall not be construed as UnionPay International’s recognition and guarantee of all contents of the third-party website. Moreover, UnionPay International may decide to cancel such consent at any time at its own discretion. Generally speaking, UnionPay International will only allow for the setup of a link displayed merely with the name of UnionPay International. Only under special circumstances may UnionPay allow the use or display of UnionPay logo in a link. UnionPay International reserves the power of decision on the charge for using UnionPay Logo.

The links to UnionPay International established by any third party do not represent any form of cooperation between such third party and UnionPay International, or UnionPay International’s recognition of such third party. Therefore, You shall be responsible for any loss that may be caused to You or any third party due to the use of such links.

IV. Privacy & Non-disclosure Statement

UnionPay International will only use your personal data as set out in the UNIONPAY INTERNATIONAL PRIVACY NOTICE.

V. Non-commitment Issues

1. UnionPay International shall extract or reproduce information and materials contained in This Website prudently and in strict accordance with the principles established under copyright-related laws, regulations and judicial interpretations of China. However, with respect thereto, UnionPay International does not warrant that the above information and materials will not infringe on any intellectual property, and are secure and accurate or free from computer viruses, etc. Please notify the network administrator immediately if You discover any possibly infringing information or material when browsing This Website. This Website will immediately remove all infringing information within its range of responsibility.

2. UnionPay International shall not be liable for any loss arising from the contents of or reliance upon the information contained in This Website nor any other losses caused by any such information being inadequate and incomplete.

3. Transmission over the Internet may be subject to interference, interruption, delay or data errors. UnionPay International shall not be liable for any inaccuracy or delay of data or transaction that may be caused by the failure of communication facilities beyond the control of UnionPay International.

4. All information and contents obtained through the link of This Website to Other Websites shall be used for your browse and reference only. Please identify and judge relevant contents on your own. UnionPay International does not assume any responsibility about such information and contents.

5. The mandatory requirements on limitation and exemption of responsibilities provided for by local laws shall be complied with.

VI. Non-disclosure Obligations of Users

You will be required to select an account and password when applying for a registered member of This Website and You can only access your account by entering your password. Users shall take reasonable measures to prevent their passwords from being stolen or disclosed. Any consequence resulting from users’ password being stolen or disclosed shall be borne by users.

Users have the obligation to keep confidential those materials that are browsed and downloaded by them in This Website and marked by UnionPay International with "Confidential", "Top secret" or any words of the same meaning, and shall not provide or disclose such materials to any third party without the prior written consent of UnionPay International.

VII. Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The contents of This Website, its application, interpretation and settlement of disputes shall be governed by the any law, codes, statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, published standards, permits, judgments, writs, injunctions, rulings, administrative guidance or other regulatory bulletins or guidance, regulatory examinations or orders, decrees and orders of any governmental authority of the People’s Republic of China that are applicable to the Usage Terms and the services to be provided hereunder, as may be amended and in effect from time to time. The People's Court in Pudong New District, Shanghai shall have the jurisdiction over all disputes arising from the use of This Website.

VIII. Termination

UnionPay International may, for any reason and at any time, terminate, suspend or modify your registration of and access to all or part of This Website without prior notice. You are free to cease your involvement in and access to This Website at any time. The authorization for You to use this website will be automatically terminated if You violate any provision of these usage terms and You must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials (and all copies thereof).

IX. Contact Details

If You have any questions, opinions or suggestions regarding the use of our website, please contact us.