• Scan1

    ·Scan and pay via QR code. Look out for NETS, UnionPay and
    other partners’ logo during checkout.
    ·You can also use NETSPay at 7.5 million UnionPay QR
    acceptance points worldwide.

  • My QR2

    ·Present your QR code to pay if the merchant has a scanner.
    ·Switch to China QR when paying in China.

  • Transfer3

    ·Send and receive money from other NETSPay users via
    mobile no. and QR code.
    ·You can check transaction history and send eAngBao
    here as well.

  • Top Up4

    ·Top up prepaid wallet with ATM/Debit cards from
    ·Tap on “Add New Card” to add more cards.

  • 5Prepaid Wallet & Added

    ·Tap and pay via NFC. You can also use NETSPay at 12 million
    UnionPay Quickpass contactless points worldwide.
    ·You can also set the default card or remove card via “Card
    Details” here.

  • Discover6

    ·You can send eAngBao to friends and family.
    ·Check out this section for other features in the future.

  • Inbox7

    ·Payment notifications are stored here. Messages will be deleted
    when you uninstall the app.

  • Settings8

    ·Personalised your NETSPay by uploading your photo and
    setting a nickname.
    ·Change the time interval when you will be prompted to sign-in again.

*All UnionPay payments will be deducted from the wallet. You will

need to have sufficient funds in the wallet before making payment.

  • Step 1

    Click “Next” if you have a screen lock.
    Otherwise, setup screen lock in your
    phone settings.

  • Step 2

    Accept the T&Cs and enter your
    mobile no., email address and
    image verification code .

  • Step 3

    Enter OTP after you received
    SMS from NETS for verification
    then click “Next”.

  • Step 4

    Pop-up screen will appear after
    successful verification Click “Add
    Card” to proceed.

  • Step 8

    You will see the bank card in your
    home screen once it is successfully
    added. You will also receive a SMS

  • Step 7

    Enter OTP after you received SMS
    from issuing bank for card activation.

  • Step 6

    Enter your bank card PIN. This is
    the same PIN for ATM withdrawal
    and NETS payment. Not required
    for OCBC cards.

  • Step 5

    Select bank, nationality, ID type. Enter
    ID no. and last 4 digits of bank card. For
    OCBC bank cards, enter expiry date.

  • Step 1

    Look out NETSPay or UnionPay
    logo during checkout. Select
    “Scan” from Home Screen.

  • Step 2

    Scan QR code for payment. For dynamic QR code, it will be displayed on a
    screen, terminal or sometimes printed out on the receipt. For static QR code,
    you will be required to enter amount to pay.

  • Step 3

    Press “Confirm Payment” (only applicable for static QR code.
    You will see confirmation page when payment is successful.

  • Step 1

    Look out for UnionPay QR acceptance logo
    and scanner during checkout. Select “My QR”
    from Home Screen.

  • Step 2

    Presents QR code to merchant for scanning. If you are
    paying in China, switch to China QR code.

  • Step 3

    You will see confirmation page
    when payment is successful.

  • Step 1

    Make sure that the NFC function
    in your phone setting is enabled.

  • Step 2

    Go to settings, set NETSPay
    as “Default Tap and Pay”.

  • Step 4

    Tap phone on terminal. You will see confirmation
    page when payment is successful.

  • Step 3

    Look out UnionPay QuickPass logo
    during checkout. Tap on “Wallet”.

Where can I use NETSPay?

  • You can use NETSPay at more than 100,000 acceptance points on NETS network. You can also use
    NETSPay at more than 7.5 million UnionPay QR acceptance points and 12 million UnionPay Quick
    Pass contactless points worldwide. Look out for the following logos to checkout with NETSPay:

What do I need to use NETSPay?

  • a. Singapore mobile number
  • b. Bank card from DBS, OCBC and UOB. Bank cards include debit cards, with the exception of UOB debit cards
  • c. Apple devices with iOS 9 and above or Android devices with OS version 6 and above

What are the specifications of NETSPay?

  • a. Prepaid wallet transaction (inflow/outflow) limit: No cap
  • b. Prepaid wallet balance limit: $999
  • c. Prepaid wallet per payment limit: $200
  • d. Prepaid wallet transaction history retention period: From beginning
  • e. Bank card transaction (outflow) limit: Depends on issuing bank
  • f. Bank card no. of transactions limit: Depends on issuing bank
  • g. Bank card transaction history retention: Last 10 transactions
  • h. Maximum no. of bank cards that can be added: 10
  • i. Auto-refund of unclaimed eAngBao: 24 hours

What are the security features of NETSPay?

  • a. NETSPay is protected by your device screen lock. You will not be able to use NETSPay if you do not a set screen lock password for your device
  • b. You will be promoted to login with your screen lock password when you open NETSPay. You will remain logged in until you exceeded the time interval set under NETSPay setting
  • c. You can change this time interval (1 to 99 mins) under NETSPay setting
  • d. For payments above $100, you will be required to enter bank card PIN if you are using bank card as default payment. You will enter the PIN on your device for QR payment and on the POS terminal for NFC payment.
  • e. For payments using prepaid wallet, no PIN will be required.

What if I lost my device?

  • Your device will be protected by screen lock and the user will need to enter the screen lock password again when he/she open NETSPay. If you suspect someone has access to your screen lock password, please call NETS Customer Service Hotline at (65) 6274 1212 to block your wallet.

What are the exchange rates and fees for overseas transaction?

  • Foreign currency exchange rates are provided by UnionPay International. A 1% admin fee also applies. The amount will then be converted to SGD and deducted from the prepaid wallet.

How do I get a refund for the funds in the prepaid wallet?

  • It cannot be refunded once the funds have been loaded into the prepaid wallet. User will have to utilised the funds by making purchases or sending it to another NETSPay user.
For termination of NETSPay or technical issues ,please contact NETS Customer service Hotline at(65)62741212 or email info@nets.com.sg