Commercial Card

UnionPay Commercial Card

The UnionPay Commercial Card tailors the whole process of business travel management for large or multinational companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. This includes providing the Commercial Card, an open data management platform, the integration of business travel expenditure and reimbursement data, and personalized settings for types of merchants where the card can be used and card limits. This customization allows for a safer payment experience and provides the right services for business support and management.

  • Enterprise Operation Support Service
  • Cost savings and business consulting
    service of enterprises
  • High-end Services for Employees
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Enterprise Operation Support Service

Commercial Card Data Management

  • The data platform provides management and data integration services to all companies, from small businesses right up to large enterprises.

    Set company hierarchy

    Provides a hierarchical structure management service in line with the enterprise organizational and cost center structure.

    Data analysis

    Provides Commercial Card data services such as card issuing, transaction details and bills for business customers and banks.

    Reporting services

    Services can be selected in standard or customized formats.

    Data integration

    Allows the data platform to be integrated with a companies’ cost reimbursement system.

Solutions for Reimbursement

  • By connecting the transaction data of the Commercial Card platform with the enterprise reimbursement system to record real transaction data, a single service for business management can be created.

Solutions for Overseas VAT Refund of Enterprises

  • UnionPay International cooperates with VAT IT Group to provide overseas VAT reclaiming services for enterprises to lower the international business expense and maximize your foreign tax savings.

    International VAT Recovery of Enterprises

    Enterprises can claim an international VAT refund from expenses incurred on overseas business travel, hotel accommodation, catering and exhibitions when in Europe, Britain, Korea, Australia etc.
    UnionPay International has joined forces with VAT IT Group to offer an end-to-end automated VAT recovery solution for all commercial card transactions to simplify the tax savings for thousands of businesses worldwide. Enterprise clients can keep track of the VAT recovery status at any time and receive VAT analysis reports that make VAT claiming simple.

    Exclusive offers for corporate clients jointly launched by UnionPay International and VAT IT

UnionPay Cross-border B2B Payment Platform

  • B2b Platform

    The Unionpay Cross-border B2B payment service Platform offers comprehensive cross-border online payment services for import and export companies including global trade companies, e-commerce companies, tuition payment companies and online travel agencies. The services provided include cross-border online payment, online payment collection, online foreign currency settlement and e-ordering management. UnionPay is committed to delivering secure, convenient and all-day services for enterprises. Adopting digital payment technologies,UnionPay promotes development of trading between China and other countries or regions, especially “the Belt and Road ” countries.

    For export companies that need to collect payments and settle foreign currency online

Commercial Virtual Card Control Platform

  • Commercial Virtual Card Control Platform has many features which can assist an business to complete cross-border purchasing settlement. The functions of the platform are: