Card Bonus
Introduction to UnionPay Card Incentive outside China

UnionPay Card Incentive is jointly launched by UnionPay International and its partners in the tourism field for cardholders. Multiple offers can be enjoyed if you apply for the UnionPay Card Incentive and reach the specified purchasing amount with UnionPay cards outside China. Please join us now!

Offer I: Immediate reduction up to 5% can be enjoyed in the designated regions.

During this Incentive tailored by UnionPay International and its partners in the tourism field for cardholders, you can find the terms and conditions of and apply for this Incentive by visiting the Zone for UnionPay’s partners. Then, you can enjoy the immediate reduction up to 5%* in the designated destinations while enjoying the global card gifts. We look forward to your experience!

Offer II: Global Card Gifts

As special offers exclusive for UnionPay cardholders, Global Card Gifts are launched by UnionPay International and domestically famous travel agencies, and will bring exclusive gifts to you. While enjoying high-quality services offered by multiple well-known enterprises having cooperation with UnionPay International like travel agency, hotel and airline, it’s available for you to gain UnionPay card gifts. Let’s enjoy the privileges with our UnionPay cards!

* Such immediate reduction is applicable for the first three transactions upon application. Please refer to Partner Offers for the designated regions and the terms and conditions.