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    Introduction of Overseas Tax Refund

    UnionPay has launched the UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) overseas tax refund service in cooperation with leading tax refund companies like Global Blue, Premier Tax Free, Global Tax Free etc. Such service covers 44 countries and regions.

    UnionPay Cardholders can claim tax refund to UnionPay Debit or Credit Card after shopping in tax free stores.

    If you are using the tax refund service of Premier Tax Free, you can check the refund points and trace the tax refund transaction on Premier Tax Refund Inquiry.

    UnionPay Tax Refund Procedure

    Claim tax refund after shopping, fill in tax refund form and select UnionPay card (card number starting with 62) as refund payment method.

    Have the tax refund stamped at customs or get approval at a tax refund kiosk

    Post tax refund form and invoices

    Claim early tax refund with UnionPay Credit Card as guarantee, fill in the tax refund form and get refund in cash at a downtown refund point or have refund amount deducted directly during the sale in store

    Have the tax refund stamped at customs or get approval at a tax refund kiosk

    Post tax refund form and invoices within the specified time

    Countries and Regions Supporting Overseas Tax Refund
    Europe UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Holland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Macedonia, Serbia
    Asia Pacific region Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Taiwan SAR
    America Argentina, Uruguay
    The Middle East region The United Arab Emirates
    Africa Morocco
    Downtown Refund Iltay, Germany, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Britain, Finland, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan SAR
    Self-help Kiosk refund France, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan SAR
    Mobile Application Tax Refund

    * A total of 44 countries and regions (April 2018)

    Tax Refund FAQ
    • 1.How to claim tax refunds on purchases?

      In South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and EU countries, cardholders can claim tax refunds when they have met the minimum purchase for a tax refund required by the nation concerned at merchants with logos of the following tax refund agencies. Cardholders must also fill out tax refund forms (name, passport No., address, etc.) correctly under the clerk’s guidance in order to get refunded.

    • 2.Do tax refund forms need to be stamped by customs?

      Tax refund forms must be stamped by customs. Tax refund forms without the stamp of customs will be deemed invalid and cannot be used to claim tax refunds. Goods departing from EU territory shall be examined by customs, and the tax refund forms shall be stamped by EU customs. It should be noted that the tax refund forms of Switzerland need to be affixed with the stamp of Swiss customs.

    • 3.Can I use my UnionPay card for a tax refund if I haven’t paid with the UnionPay card when shopping at stores?

      Yes, you can. A tax refund form issued by a store generally will provide three options for tax refunds, namely, bank cards, cash and cheques. To use a UnionPay card for a tax refund, you only need to fill in your UnionPay card number(see the picture below). You may tell the attendant at the airport’s tax refund counter that you are using a UnionPay card to claim a tax refund.

    • 4.Can both UnionPay debit cards and credit cards be
      used for claiming tax refunds on purchases?

      Yes. All UnionPay debit cards and credit cards (card number starts with 62) can be used for claiming tax refunds on purchases. Generally, the bank card column on tax refund forms is marked with “Credit Card”. However, no matter this blank is filled with the number of a UnionPay debit card or credit card, the refund will be transferred to the corresponding account.

    • 5.Can UnionPay cards be used for claiming tax refunds if no UnionPay logo or word appears on the tax refund forms?

      Yes. Although in some countries, the UnionPay logo or words are not printed on tax refund forms due to system reasons, you can still fill in your UnionPay card number to claim tax refunds on the forms of tax refund agencies cooperating with UnionPay.

    • 6.How can I inquire the processing status of a tax refund after claiming it ?

      Currently, inquiries can be made via UnionPay International wechat account. You may obtain the information about the processing status of tax refunds by scanning the following QR code, and accessing "Help Center—Tax Refund—Bill".

    • 7.Can purchased goods for tax refund be used immediately?

      No. Purchased goods cannot be opened or used until they are examined by customs before departing from the territory.

    • 8.Do I need to put all the purchased goods for tax refund
      in my hand luggage?

      Yes. If the goods are too large to carry on an airplane, you may put them with your checked luggage after the goods are examined by customs. Customs may refuse to stamp or confirm your tax refund information if the goods are not inspected by the customs.