UnionPay cards can be smoothly used at 180 countries and regions worldwide.

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    • Multiple Security Measures, and Better User Experience

      UnionPay Mobile QuickPass service adopts NFC and Token technologies, enabling offline contactless payment via mobile devices, and support QR code-based and in-app payments, making payment safer and easier.

    Five Product Features

    Simple and safe, leading the trend of mobile payments

    • One-time Registration

      Multiple Payment Functions

      One-time registration via a unified portal Enjoy multiple functions: contactless payment via mobile phones, HCE and wearables

    • Secure and reliable

      Risk controllable

      Comply with security standards of the financial industry
      Effective protection for financial transactions
      Effective protection for user privacy

    • Comply with international standards

      Globally interoperable

      Supported by security chip
      Comply with the EMVCo specifications
      Tap-to-pay available globally

    • Easy payment

      Widely accepted

      Online and offline integrated payment
      Accepted in multiple sectors
      Quick tap-and-go payment

    • Diverse marketing channels

      Various forms

      Support random discounts
      Support instant discounts and traditional discounts
      Diverse marketing modes

    Pay without activating APP

    Enjoy easier and smoother payment

    • UnionPay Mobile QuickPass Support offline contactless & QR code payment
      Support in-app payment

    • NFC+QRC Payment Support both NFC-enabled and non-NFC-enabled smartphones
      Support multiple smartphone models

    NFC+QRC Payment

    Two payment options with one card binding

    Integrate NFC and QRC payment

    For users: can activate a payment interface with both card and QR code, may choose to make tap-and-go or scan-and-go payment.

    For merchants: merchants accepting the Pull Mode QRC payment can follow the existing operating procedures, without additional training.

    Easy to use

    Pay online and offline

    • Pay in-store
    • Pay in-app
    • Pay in-store

      Step 1: Activate the bankcard or payment QR code, and verify fingerprint or face ID
      Step 2: Put the phone near POS terminal or present QR code to pay
      Payment done: POS terminal prints transaction voucher and payment is done

    • Pay in-app

      Step 1: Make orders in e-commerce app, and get to the checkout/payment page
      Step 2: Select a payment method, such as Apple Pay or Huawei Pay
      Payment done: Verify fingerprint, Face ID or enter password, and payment is done.


    User Tips

    • 01

      UnionPay Mobile QuickPass is accepted at merchants with this signage.

    • 02

      Put the phone near a POS terminal or present the QR code after activating the payment interface

    • 03

      NFC sensor of most mobile phones is on the top of the (back) of the phone.

    Activate the Function Now

    Enjoy convenient, quick and secure payment services

    • Step 1

      Activate the e-wallet

      Log in the wallet account

    • Step 2

      Add bankcard

      Click to add card

    • Step 3

      Fill in information

      Fill in card information

    • Step 4

      Card added successfully

      Enter SMS verification code and activate card

    Function activated successfully

    Pay with UnionPay Mobile QuickPass