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    肯尼亚媒体Business daily:银联与肯尼亚支付公司iPay达成合作 开通约8000家非洲线上商户受理银联卡。

    China’s UnionPay International (UPI), has partnered with Kenya’s iPay to enable its cardholders to access about 8,000 online merchants across Africa.
    The two firms said in a statement the deal will see UPI cardholders carry out transactions with several African brands.

    “We believe that it is important for the public to understand the benefits of digital payments, beyond reducing physical contact during this difficult time. Smooth payment services and attractive promotions are key to fostering this understanding,” said Mr Luping Zhang, general manager at UnionPay International Africa Branch.

    UPI says it has experienced an increased global online transaction of about 20 percent as more people adopt digital payments to minimise physical contact and cash handling amid the global pandemic.

    In recent years, UPI has expanded its acceptance network to 178 countries and regions, with more than 8.4 billion UnionPay cards issued in 61 countries and regions.