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    美国媒体The Paypers:意大利最大收单机构Nexi上线银联3DS网上支付认证产品 优化在线支付体验

    UnionPay and NEXI have extended their partnership to enable all terminals in NEXI's network accept UnionPay cards, while protecting customers from payment fraud.

    According to the press release, the initiative will increase UnionPay’s overall POS acceptance across Italy to approximately 90%. Besides, NEXI is the first in Italy to activate UnionPay’s ecommerce with 3DS solution, which will help online merchants throughout Italy reduce risk and protect their customers from payment fraud.

    Accordingly, UnionPay’s 3DS can authenticate a transaction in the background without intervention from the customer, facilitating the payment experience and helping merchants increase their conversion rates at online checkouts.

    Overall, UnionPay has over eight billion cards accumulatively issued worldwide, while its global network has extended to 178 countries and regions, which covers over 56 million merchants and over 2.9 million ATMs worldwide.