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    澳洲The Sydney Morning Herald:银联全球支付网络扩张,澳洲消费者从中获益

           澳大利亚主流媒体《The Sydney Morning Herald》近日以《银联全球支付网络扩张,澳大利亚消费者从中获益》为题刊文,指出银联为全球最大的持卡人群提供高质量、低成本和安全的支付服务,而越来越多的澳大利亚消费者和商户机构正加入其中。文章称,银联的成功源自于其提供的独特价值和机遇。



    Global payment network grows, with Australian customers reaping the benefits of membership

    One of the biggest global payment networks grows through partnerships in Australia. 

    “Why more and more Australian consumers and merchants are choosing UnionPay as their provider of choice.”

    UnionPay International provides high quality, cost effective and secure payment services to the world’s largest cardholder base and there’s an increasing number of Australian consumers becoming cardholders and businesses joining the network. 

    James Yang, UnionPay South Pacific, General Manager, says the company’s success comes through the exclusive value and opportunity it presents to partners and consumers alike.  

    “Partnering with UnionPay delivers a range of unique opportunities for merchants including access to UnionPay cardholders around the world and the significant number of Asian tourists who travel to Australia each year.”

    Just under 1.4 million Chinese tourists visited Australia in 2018, a 13% increase year-on-year*, with that number expected to grow significantly in coming years. Coupled with the insight that more than 7.5 billion UnionPay Cards issue across 52 countries and regions,that’s a compelling opportunity for Australian merchants. 

    “We have invested significantly in our POS technology and are at the forefront of digital offerings such as UnionPay QR Code, Mobile contactless, online payment, providing the best services for merchants on the market at competitive prices,” Mr Yang said. 

    “For consumers, we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic promotions and membership benefits in travel, shopping and entertainment through premium partners like Woolworths, David Jones, Qantas, Tourism Queensland, Hilton Hotels and many more.”

    As one of the largest global payments network, UnionPay adheres to EMV ® international standards meaning its products have the highest level of network payment security, protection and safety for customers both on and offline. 

    UnionPay has expanded its network globally, reaching 174 countries and regions, covering 53.7 million merchants and 2.86 million ATMs. In Australia, UnionPay is making strong headway, already partnering with more than 560,000 merchants, with 90% of ATMs and 85% of POS accepting UnionPay cards. Furthermore, almost two thirds of POS also accept UnionPay QuickPass (contactless, tap-and-go service). To find out more visit: http://www.unionpayintl.com/ 

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