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    原文标题:UnionPay International and HBL Launch Contactless Cards
    Payment Digitalization
    关键词:发卡 非接触支付

           HBL is a Founding Member of UnionPay International (UPI) since 2012 and holds a seat in UPI's Middle East Regional Member Council. HBL is the largest issuer of UnionPay Cards in Pakistan & the Middle East Region and is one of the first Issuers in Pakistan to introduce UnionPay debit cards as the mainstream payment card brand. HBL UnionPay cards are now enabled for QuickPass and all new cards will be issued with it as default functionality.

           UnionPay QuickPass is an innovative contactless payment solution which is aiming to promote the use of "Tap n Pay" payments. The solution is compatible with the EMV specifications and interoperable globally. It allows HBL UnionPay cardholders to seamlessly transact via NFC-enabled POS and provides access to the multitude of merchant locations enabled with NFC Acceptance, ranging from grocery stores, supermarkets, fuel pumps, departmental stores, restaurants and many more. All existing issued HBL UnionPay cards holders are already enabled for e-commerce online transactions.

           As one of the world's largest card schemes, UnionPay is committed to providing secure and seamless payment experiences to our cardholders worldwide. This partnership featuring the innovative means of contactless payment will further enhance the customer experience in terms of flexibility, convenience and efficiency for the HBL's customers. According to HBL which is one of the largest issuer of debit cards in the country, it also has the largest Point of Sale (POS) network in Pakistan and continues to invest in expanding the payments infrastructure of the country.

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