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    Pri-Num 成为银联国际技术合作伙伴并测试HCE解决方案

    原文标题:Pri-Num becomes a new technology partner of UnionPay International
    关键词: 银联卡 HCE

    Pri-Num company announced to become a new technology partner of UnionPay International. This partnership has started testing UnionPay HCE solution.

    As the first institution in Ukraine and Eastern Europe to become the technology partner of UnionPay Internation, this partnership will create new opportunities for the payment industry in this region.

    UnionPay International has partnered with over 2,300 global institutions and is transforming relationships from a business partnership to a membership, fostering the rapid development of international business.

    UnionPay cards are now accepted in 179 countries and regions, which are also issued in 61 countries and countries. The total number of UnionPay cards issued outside Mainland China has exceeded 130 million.
    UnionPay International reaches partnerships with institutions around the world and builds a community of interest, thereby expanding the payment acceptance network and offering mutual benefits through membership. Companies and financial institutions are joining forces to further digitalize the payments industry.

    The entry into the Ukrainian and Eastern European markets of the UnionPay International payment system will increase competition in the payment services market, give a new impetus to improve the quality of financial services, create better conditions for digital payments, contactless payment acceptance, and contribute to the acceleration of trade and transport relations between countries.

    With UnionPay International, new opportunities open up not only for the payment industry, but also for retailers and small businesses who will be able to attract more customers by offering UnionPay solutions.
    In cooperation with UnionPay International, the Pri-Num team strives to develop joint innovative payment products, providing partners with an unconditional advantage over competitors and contributing to their development, in the context of integration into the global financial system.

    “We predict a bright future for this partnership agreement where we can help our customers offer modern and secure payment services to UnionPay cardholders.

    In partnership with the bankcard market leader, we plan to provide individual banks and entire countries with the opportunity to become part of the UnionPay International payment ecosystem.

    This is a real breakthrough and the Pri-Num team is ready to work hard and productively so that as many of our clients as possible can experience all the benefits of this payment system in their business." they say in Pri-Num.

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