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    英文标题:Alpha Bank Romania begins accepting UnionPay cards
    发布语种:英语 罗马尼亚语
    关键词:受理合作 ATM受理 欧洲

    摘要:verdict.co.uk网站5月23日报道,阿尔法银行罗马尼亚分行(Alpha Bank Romania)的ATM开通受理银联卡。根据联合协议,罗马尼亚的整个阿尔法银行ATM网络将受理银联卡。新的合作伙伴关系将促进罗马尼亚与中国的经贸往来,并为银联卡持卡人带来多重利益。全球银联卡持卡人都可以通过该行ATM网络安全便捷地取现,不久的将来,这些持卡人将可通过该国所有POS终端网络进行交易。

    Alpha Bank Romania begins accepting UnionPay cards

    Alpha Bank Romania now accepts UnionPay cards at its ATMs.

    Under the joint agreement, the entire national Alpha Bank ATM network will accept the cards.

    Furthermore, Romania is a key destination for Chinese entrepreneurs and tourists. This new partnership will facilitate financial transactions and bring multiple benefits to UnionPay cardholders.

    Executive Retail Vice President, Alpha Bank Romania, Cristian Daniel Dragos:

    “We are honored to launch this partnership with China UnionPay in Romania. All UnionPay cardholders will now be able to make secure and convenient transactions through the Alpha Bank Romania ATM network and shortly through the POS terminal network all over the country.”

    This partnership with Alpha Bank follows on from UnionPay’s agreement with Steward Bank. The bank will roll out UnionPay cards and UnionPay mobile payments in Zimbabwe.

    Finalised only a few days ago, the agreement included Steward Bank aiming to issue 200,000 UnionPay cards in five years. This will also include Asia Prestige UnionPay theme cards.

    Commenting further on the Alpha Bank agreement, UnionPay International’s Market Director and Head of its European Branch, Wei Zhihong, added: “Today’s announcement represents yet another step forward in our rapidly expanding global footprint. There is no doubt that Romania has become an important market for Chinese businesses and tourists, and the partnership will not only bring a number of benefits to UnionPay cardholders but also facilitate financial transactions.”

    Meanwhile, UnionPay’s global network has extended to 174 countries and regions. Furthermore, this covers 53 million merchants and over 2.8 million ATMs worldwide.

    In addition, at the beginning of May, UnionPay International has expanded its alliance with Worldline to bring the acceptance of its cards to additional 46,000 merchant locations across Europe.

    The expanded deal covers shopping malls, duty-free shops, supermarkets and public transportations across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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