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【Global】Enjoy Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel room rate 10% Off privilege with UnionPay Premium Card
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  • Merchant Description (provided by the merchant):

    AEROTEL is a well-known brand focusing on operating boutique airport transit hotels. It has successfully constructed and operated dozens of AEROTEL hotels in international airports around the world.

  • Duration:

    2022-07-07 To 2024-03-31

  • Preferential range:

    UnionPay Platinum Card, UnionPay Diamond Card

  • Activity content:

    Exclusive Discounts for UnionPay Premium Cardholders

    10% discount off with UnionPay Platinum card or UnionPay Diamond Card


    1. Aerotel @Singapore (Level 3, Departure / Transit Lounge (near Gate D41), Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport)

    2. Aerotel @London (Arrivals Hall, T3 (outside secured area), London Heathrow Airport.)

    3. Aerotel @ Muscat (Level 5, Departures (within secured area), Passenger Terminal Building, Muscat International Airport)

    4. Aerotel @Beijing (Northeast Pier, Beijing Daxing International Airport Beijing, China)

    5. Aerotel @Qingdao (3F VIP Building, Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport Qingdao, China)

    6. Aerotel @Kuala Lumpur (Level 2M, gateway@klia2, Terminal klia2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    7. Aerotel @Cebu (Level L1 (Outside Airport Secured Area), T2)

    8. Aerotel @Sydney (Level 1, Arrivals B, Sydney Airport International Terminal, T1)

    Aerotel Guangzhou and Aerotel Rio de Janeiro are temporarily closed due to the local pandemic prevention regulations, please refer to the following website for the updated opening status.


    Activity Rules:

    1. Only the cardholders of UnionPay Platinum Cards and/or Diamond Cards could enjoy the discount.

    2. The Benefits are valid from now to 2023 to March 31st, 2024 (date inclusive).

    3. The cardholder shall pay with a valid UnionPay Platinum or Diamond credit card and present the card when check-in.

    4. Valid for stays at participating properties from now on until March 31st, 2024. Each cardholder can maximum reserve 2 rooms each time. 

    5. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts, or packages. And offers are non-exchangeable, transferable, or redeemable for cash. The selected room types and required minimum stays may vary. Please check with each property for exact terms and conditions and FAQ on Aerotel website.

    FAQ: https://www.myaerotel.com/en-uk/about-aerotel/faq

    6. Promotional room rates and rooms are subject to availability and blackout dates and applicable to selected room types. Advertised savings are based on published rates. For the detailed information please consult the reception staff after arrival.

    7. Additional taxes, fees, or government services in the room rate will not have the offering discount, the taxes, fees, or government services refer to the specific regulations of each location.

    8. UnionPay International is neither a vendor nor a service provider, thus UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services should be borne by the merchant. If you have any questions or advice, please contact Aerotel directly.

    9. Aerotel will comply with all applicable laws concerning personal data protection.

    10. Please contact the below concerned properties for enquiries:

    • Aerotel Singapore: hello.sin@myaerotel.com 

    • Aerotel London: hello.lhr@myaerotel.com 

    • Aerotel Muscat: hello.mct@myaerotel.com

    • Aerotel Beijing: hello.pkx@myaerotel.com 

    • Aerotel Qingdao: rsvn.tao@myaerotel.com 

    • Aerotel Guangzhou: hello.can@myaerotel.com

    • Aerotel Cebu: hello.ceb@myaerotel.com

    • Aerotel Rio de Janeiro: hello.gig@myaerotel.com

    • Aerotel Kuala Lunpur: hello.kul@myaerotel.com

    • Aerotel Sydney: hello.syd@myaerotel.com

  • Exception Clause:

    1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service staff.
    2. UnionPay International is neither vendors nor service providers, thus UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services shall be borne by the merchant.
    3. Merchants and/or offer may be affected by COVID-19. Details shall be subject to the announcement of the merchant.
    4.The design, text, images and links contained in this page shall only be used, permitted by UnionPay International, for the purpose of promoting the corresponding activities of UnionPay International. After the end of the promotion, the link and other related content will be invalid. If used, please delete it immediately. Unionpay International shall not be liable for the consequences or damages incurred as a result of any failure to delete it in time or unreasonable use.