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【Spain】Lasrozas Village- 2023 Winter Instant Saving Campaign
  • Merchant Type:


  • Merchant Description (provided by the merchant):

  • Duration:

    2023-12-18 To 2024-02-28

  • Preferential range:

    UnionPay Card

  • Activity content:

    1)UnionPay 10% off eVIP promotion

    From now to 31th DEC 2024, receive the 10% off eVIP card by clicking and type in your details via the link below:



    eVIP card discount can be combined with UnionPay Instant Discount.


    2)UnionPay Card Instant Discount

    From 18th DEC 2023 to 28th FEB 2024, you may enjoy the offers in below.


    - UnionPay Payment offer

    Receive a €30 instant saving when you spend €450 using a UnionPay payment.


    - UnionPay Mobile Payment offer

    Save 10% with a maximum cap of €10 when you pay with UnionPay Mobile QuickPass.

    * Each instant discount offer can be redeemed respectively up to 2 times per card, per person during the promotional period.


    3) Enjoy preferential UnionPay cross-border exchange rate

    From now to 02.29.2024, you can enjoy the above benefits while also enjoying the UnionPay super preferential exchange Rate.

    Use UnionPay cards issued in Mainland China starting with '62' to register and enjoy preferential exchange rates. When cumulative spending reach RMB 80,000, enjoy upgraded super preferential exchange rate the next day.

    Register to join the promotion: https://m.unionpayintl.com/ZT/wbdl/#?utm_source=EU

    Activity Rules:

    1.Offers valid for payments made using UnionPay cards or UnionPay Mobile QuickPass. 

    2.In the case of a refunded transaction, only the amount paid by the cardholder will be refunded. 

    3.Each instant discount offer can be redeemed respectively up to 2 times per card, per person during the promotional period.

    4.Purchase receipt will show the purchase amount before the instant saving is applied. 

    5.For the final purchase amount, cardholders should consult their bank account. 

    6.A limited quota of instant savings are available on a first come, first served basis, refreshing at 12 am local time daily. 

  • Exception Clause:

    1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service staff.
    2. UnionPay International is neither vendors nor service providers, thus UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services shall be borne by the merchant.
    3. Merchants and/or offer may be affected by COVID-19. Details shall be subject to the announcement of the merchant.
    4.The design, text, images and links contained in this page shall only be used, permitted by UnionPay International, for the purpose of promoting the corresponding activities of UnionPay International. After the end of the promotion, the link and other related content will be invalid. If used, please delete it immediately. Unionpay International shall not be liable for the consequences or damages incurred as a result of any failure to delete it in time or unreasonable use.