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【Global】Enjoy up to 30% off when purchase AXA TianPing travel insurance and study abroad insurance
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  • Merchant Description (provided by the merchant):

    The AXA Group is a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management. In 2019, AXA Group was ranked 46th in Fortune Global 500. AXA’s business network now covers 57 countries around the world, serving the world’s 108 million customers.

    AXA Tianping focuses on high-quality property and casualty insurance product and services, providing Chinese customers with holistic protection and prevention including motor, lifestyle and health insurance. Provide service in China over 10 years, serving over 5 million Chinese customers, business covers over 100 cities. The annual service evaluation result of the insurance company in 2018 published by CBIT was AA.

  • Duration:

    2021-09-01 To 2023-08-31

  • Preferential range:

    All UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62)

  • Activity content:

    Purchase AXA Tianping study abroad insurance and travel insurance (Smart Traveler Global Plan and Asia Plan), and enjoy the benefits:          
    1. 30% off for UnionPay Platinum / Diamond / Commercial / Travel Mate Cards           
    2. 15% off for UnionPay Gold/Classic Cards         
    Introduction of insurance products:           
    (1) Study abroad insurance: the special coverage as supplementary of your local medical insurance, including indemnity for loss of overseas tuition fee, loss of travel document, self-driving accident, keep you safe when study abroad.
    (2) Smart Traveler (Global plan): Comprehensive protection including baggage delay, travel delay, cash loss and credit card theft, covering popular sports such as mountaineering, diving / scuba (within 30 meters), skiing, and hot-air balloons.          
    (3) Smart Traveler (Asia plan): High limit for accident coverage, peace of mind for travelers. Asia plan covers up to 80,000 RMB for medical expenses and 300,000 RMB for accidental death, equipped with 7X24 emergency assistance service provided by AXA entity and covering hot sports such as water motor, snorkeling and skiing.          
    Click to buy: https://cps.axadirect.com.cn/v4/index.html#/?channel_id=e_Az9cXNWxy75

    Activity Rules:

    1. It is applicable for UnionPay cardholders, including Chinese citizens, Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan compatriots and foreigners.           
    2. This insurance covers only the travel of the insured departure from mainland China and back to mainland China. This insurance does not cover the return of foreigners to their country of origin or any other country other than mainland China. The insurance period of this insurance must completely cover the travel period during which the insured leaves and returns to the place of daily life and work. This insurance does not cover an insured who is already outside Mainland China at the time of applying for this insurance plan.           
    3. The cardholder shall quote and buy from https://cps.axadirect.com.cn/v4/index.html#/ ?channel_ id=e_ Az9cxnwxy75 , and pay with the corresponding UnionPay card. Other purchase channels are not eligible for this benefit.           
    4. The benefit is valid from now to August 31st 2023 and the validity of the policy is subject to the insurance.           
    5. If there is a claim, the cardholders in Mainland China could call 95550 during working hours (Monday to Sunday, 8:30-21:30 Beijing Time), or go to the online claim application platform (https://apps.axatp.com/propertyClaimOnline/index). This policy is for electronic insurance policy. If you need hardcopy of policy or invoice, please call customer service hotline: 95550.    
    6. If the cardholders need any assistance during travel, please call the 24-hour global assistance hotline: +86 10 8468 5628.   
    7. For details of the above insurance coverage, please refer to https://cps.axadirect.com.cn/v4/index.html#/ ?channel_ id=e_ Az9cxnwxy75.
    8. For any discrepancies between the Chinese version and the other versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

  • Exception Clause:

    1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service staff.
    2. UnionPay International is neither vendors nor service providers, thus UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services shall be borne by the merchant.
    3. Merchants and/or offer may be affected by COVID-19. Details shall be subject to the announcement of the merchant.