Members of UnionPay International Co., Ltd. (UPI), instead of cardholders or merchants, remit or receive an interchange reimbursement fee (IRF) every time a UnionPay Card is used. For example, the merchant's bank remits IRF to the cardholder's bank when purchasing goods or services.

UPI's current IRF rate structure includes rates that vary by acceptance region, transaction type, card type, card level and merchant category. The goal of UPI in setting IRF rate is to ensure wide-spread issuance and acceptance of UnionPay Cards.

IRF by Country - Italy

Currently, there is no domestic IRF nor intra-regional IRF effective within Italy.

Cross-border IRF Rate Table (Only applicable to UnionPay Cards issued outside of Italy used within Italy)

Transaction Type IRF
POS transactions 1.1%
E-Commerce  Transactions Airport (4511)
Insurance (5960)
Other MCCs 1.2%