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    【Japan】UnionPay Cardholders enjoy limited privileges in Yodobashi Household Appliances Hypermarket

    Address:The address, telephone and business hours are determined by the merchant. Please refer to the website of the merchant for the details.


    • Merchant Type:


    • Merchant Description (provided by the merchant):

      Yodobashi is the first large shopping center which Chinese tourists visit the most. Yodobashi is a large chain shopping center in Japan. Akihabara Yodobashi store has over 850,000 types of moderately priced commodities, including the latest electrical appliances, timepieces, cosmetics, accessories, bags and suitcases, toy models and articles for daily use. In recent years, Yodobashi has gradually become the first shopping spot Chinese tourists will visit in Japan. The good Chinese communication environment, various Chinese signs and enthusiastic and thoughtful guiding service have made Chinese tourists feel at home while enjoying their high-quality service.

    • Duration:

      From Now To 2019-12-31

    • Preferential range:

      All UnionPay Cards

    • Activity content:

      UnionPay cardholders may enjoy 5% off in the said merchant.

      Activity Rules:

      ·The cardholders may enjoy the preferential terms by sweeping valid UnionPay Cards for purchase and completing the tax exemption formalities.

      ·The preferential content offered by the merchant may be altered as per the actual circumstances.

      ·Consult the working personnel in the shops for the preferential terms.

      ·23 shops participating in such activity are as follows:

      Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Home Shop, Multimedia Shinjuku-Higashikuchi, Multimedia Ueno, Hachioji Shop, Multimedia Yokohama, Multimedia Koriyama, Multimedia Sapporo, Niigata Shop, Chiba Shop, Multimedia Utsunomiya, Multimedia Sendai, Multimedia Kawasaki Lefront, Multimedia Machida, Multimedia Keikyu Kami-o-oka, Multimedia Kinshicho, Multimedia Umeda, Multimedia Hakata, Outlet Keikyu Kawasaki, Multimedia Akiba, Multimedia Kichijoji, Multimedia Kyoto, Front Shop of Multimedia Saitama-Shintoshin Station, Multimedia Nagoya Matsuzakaya Store

    • Exception Clause:

      1. The terms and conditions of the promotion is applicable to the merchant. Details can be consulted from customer service staff.
      2. UnionPay International is neither vendors nor service providers, thus UnionPay International is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services should be borne by the merchant.
      3. UnionPay International and the merchant reserve the right to cancel, revise, suspend or terminate all or any parts of the promotion, or revise the terms and conditions herein contained, at any time without prior notice or reason. In case of any disputes, the decision of UnionPay International and the merchant shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
      4. In case of discrepancies between English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.