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    About UPI Developers

    UnionPay International (UPI) Developer Platform provides APIs, payments product and solutions to issuers, acquirers, merchants, software developers and any other developers aiming to launch UnionPay Card business and relevant value-added services outside of Mainland China, together with functions of data inquiry, documents downloading, sandbox environment configuration and testing, etc. In the meantime, UPI will also provide technical materials, technical tutoring, product testing and authentication services through UPI Technology Partner Program, assisting partners to promote from product development to commercial application.

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    APIs and Solutions
    • QR Code Acceptance API enables acquirers to access UnionPay International network with JSON message and supports diversified transaction types, including merchant-presented mode, consumer-presented mode, purchase, cancellation, refund, etc.

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    • QR Code App Gateway API enables App Developers to connect to UnionPay International Systems to support diversified transaction types such as merchant-presented and consumer-presented mode, providing card linking, account verification, transaction enquiry services to App users.

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    • U∙plan API allows developers to acquire real-time coupons, coupon update and status update information, etc. By active push, ads exposure and other means, developers from Touch Point institutions can send offers to target clients, helping their customers to launch competitive privileges and precision marketing.

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    • UnionPay International In-App Apple Pay API is a mobile online payment solution based on Apple Pay. With SDK provided by UPI, developers can offer secure, rapid, no shifter-direction payment experience in merchants’ App conveniently.

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    • QR Code Merchant Gateway Service API is a one-stop QR code payment solution launched for acquirers and merchants. Acquirers can realize functions such as merchant visit and terminal management via merchant management platform, while merchants can apply for payee QR code in Merchant App and carry out QR code acceptance business.

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    • Merchant-Hosted API provides convenient and secure payment method, where cardholders can link bank cards and complete no-shift payment at merchants or acquirers’ terminal, and enjoy password-free payment upon first card linking.

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    About UPI Technology Partner Program

    UnionPay International (UPI) Technology Partner is a program to help emerging payment solutions quickly scale through accessing the power and value of UPI global network. The program allows software developers, wallet providers, mobile payments providers, etc. to design and launch products or devices that meet the functional and security standards of UPI. Through providing necessary specifications, testing, and certification, UPI Technology Partner accelerates the adoption of new payment technologies and solutions. UnionPay International looks forward to working together with more technology partners to create better payments experience for customers globally.

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